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The Caritas-Kinderdorf Irschenberg – English Summary

The Caritas-Kinderdorf Irschenberg is a children village currently housing over 115 children and youth. The Kinderdorf belongs to the Caritasverband München-Freising e.V. a non-profit welfare organisation and registered charity.

We are located in the small village of Irschenberg in upper Bavaria close to the German Alps, about 40 kilometres south of Munich, and can be reached via the motorway A 8 to Salzburg (Austria).

The Caritas-Kinderdorf Irschenberg was founded in 1972. Since then the Kinderdorf has developed into a modern pedagogic service centre, offering a wide range of programmes for the individual requirements of our children and youth.

The Kinderdorf Irschenberg does not house orphans - but so called "social-orphans". These are children and youth, who are showing strong deficits in their human development, especially when they have been neglected and abused by their biological families. We therefore support and provide our children and teenager with psychological, remedial and social services. Most of the children and teenager are living in small family-units, in which we try to give them a stable and reliable social environment.

In the last few years the Caritas-Kinderdorf Irschenberg has established preventive family services. This means, that our social workers work close with the entire family at the beginning of a potential crisis in order to solve the problem and to prevent further escalation.

Our village service is primarily billed to the State Government. However, this does not cover the costs of individual special needs for our children and teenager and therefore we also rely on private donations.

If you are interested to assist our efforts to grant our children and teenager a stable future you can either make a single donation or you can become a member of "The Friends of the Caritas-Kinderdorf Irschenberg Förderverein e.V.".

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